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2022 Elective and Enrichment Offerings

Grade 9 Electives

Intro to 2D Art (Mazza)

In this course, students will explore the foundations of drawing and painting. Composition, the visual element, the principles of design, and the basic techniques and concepts of both drawing and painting will be covered. The end goals are to increase artistic self-confidence, increase one’s understanding of the basics of drawing and painting, and to produce successful works.

Soundtrap/Meludia (Bergin)

In this course, students will use Soundtrap, a platform designed for students to create and edit audio recordings. Students will explore creative sound recording, create and edit audio, and collaborate with peers to create polished musical projects. Students will develop their musical skills by using Meludia, an ear-training program suitable for all levels of musical experience.

Beginning Acting (Trainor)

In this introductory course, students learn the basics of acting using monologues and scenes as well as ensemble-building games. Students will read a play aloud and talk about its themes and characters. Within this play, there will be scenes or monologues to work on in class and perform to an audience.

Intro to Python (Shelsy)

This course will be an introduction to Computer Science. We will learn the basics of Python, a popular programming language, and learn computer science skills that will translate into any programming language. By the end of the course, we will have written multiple programs. We will learn about how computer science is all around us and learn skills that will help us in any job we choose as technology is all around us and constantly evolving.

10/11/12 Grade Electives

Portfolio Preparation (Mazza)

This is an upper-level course designed for students who wish to further develop skills and techniques in producing high-quality works of art.  A wide range of materials and processes will be further explored, and students will have the opportunity to focus on a chosen subject or medium. This is a desirable course for any student wishing to develop a portfolio for college or for their own personal artistic growth.

The Musical (Trainor & Bergin)

In this class, students will learn the music and choreography to “Something’s Afoot”, which will be rehearsed and later performed. Filled with campy songs and zany characters, “Something's Afoot” is a hilarious spoof of our favorite murder mysteries.

Ceramics 2 (Shelsy)

In this course, students will further their knowledge of ceramics as a medium through hand-building and pottery wheel techniques. Students will explore creating functional and artistic pieces using clay, wheel throwing techniques, as well as many sculptural and glazing techniques.


Engineering (Okin)

Students who might be interested in a career in Engineering will explore the five major types of engineering (civil, electrical, mechanical, structural, and chemical). Students will design solutions to real-life problems using the engineering design process. Students will be introduced to professional project-management tools and processes.


Creative Writing (Newby)

This course encourages students to experiment with genres of creative writing–from poetry to fiction to personal essays. Students will study the history and craft behind each form in addition to creating and workshopping original pieces.



Podcasting for Change (10/11)

Explore the art of storytelling through podcasts. In this course, we will examine and discuss how podcasts are used to fuel social change. You will create your very own podcast for our final project. Teachers: Ms. Adams and Mr. Lynch

Open Art Studio Enrichment  (all grades)

In this class you will have the time and space to focus on the personal and independent artwork that you want to create. You will also have the opportunity to explore and experiment with all of the different art materials available, and receive feedback and/or brainstorm ideas about your artwork with Ms. Mazza.

Technology Enrichment (all grades)

Want to create something using anything related to technology? Then join Tech Enrichment! You'll have access to digital art programs, 3D printing, coding, Lego Robotics, circuits, and much more to create and pursue your own interests.

Chorus (6/7/8)

Students will learn vocal technique, musical skills, and classical and popular songs. It's a rehearsal, come prepared to work!

Music Enrichment (9/10/11/12)

Students work on their own self-directed musical projects, be it playing an instrument, using ear training or Garage-band type programs. The assumption is that you have some musical experience or interest that you want to develop more on your own. Mr. Bergin can provide advice, but you need to have an idea of what you want to do.

Theatre Enrichment (6/7/8)

An assortment of games and exercises that help build imaginative growth, quick thinking, and teamwork. Students sthat sign up for this enrichment are required to participate in all class activities.

Theatre Games & Improv (9)

An assortment of games and exercises that help build imaginative growth, quick thinking, and teamwork. Students that sign up for this enrichment are required to participate in all class activities.

Set Building & Props (10/11/12)

Under the guidance of Ms. Trainor, you will be creating, building, and painting the set for the spring musical production. You will also be creating and building props for the spring musical. Students who are interested in the musical are encouraged to sign up!

STEAM (all grades)

Part engineering and part art, students use the engineering design process to develop and create 3d printed prototypes, mixed media art projects, and various engineering challenges.

Experiments in Creative Writing (6/7/8)

This class will give students the opportunity to develop independent creative writing as well as create collaborative work. We will move across genres, from poetry to fantasy to theatre, experimenting with forms and finding their voices with feedback and support from Ms. Newby.