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Our Program


BART teaches a college preparatory curriculum with a focus on building the creative and technological skills that are necessary to successfully navigate and be valued in today’s world.

College from Day One

BART prepares all students for success in college by promoting the mastery of academic skills through a rigorous, individualized program. Our standards-based curriculum requires that all students study Math, English, Science, History, and Arts & Technology. 

Student-focused Teachers

Students benefit from a small student-teacher ratio of 9.5:1. Through frequent and ongoing assessments, teachers target instruction to meet the learning needs of each individual student. Meet our teachers.

Extended Day and Year

BART students receive more academic time than their peers in local school districts. The extended day, which runs from 8:10 a.m. to 3:40 p.m., and extended year gives students more time for learning, engaging projects and participation in Arts & Technology.

Caring and Individualized Support

Each student has a faculty advisor with whom they meet regularly to discuss their individual progress. Tutoring and enrichment opportunities are available through supported study and after-school homework help. A team of qualified professionals supports students who have specific educational needs such as English language learners or students with disabilities. Parents are supported as well with information sessions aimed at helping them foster their child’s academic and college goals.

Senior Year

BART is a rigorous program with graduation standards far above those of other public schools. In order to graduate, BART seniors must complete:

  • All Massachusetts graduation requirements (including MCAS tests).
  • A senior seminar.
  • A course at a local college.
  • An internship outside the school.
  • A successful college application.