Get BART Smart 2021

Virtual Get BART Smart Fundraiser!
Get your remote learning on!
Saturday, April 10
6:00pm on Zoom
We can't wait to "see" you!
Virtual Get BART Smart - the Remote Learning Edition - will still feature the trivia experience we're known for but this year with a twist. Teams and players will follow a remote learning schedule that will include a variety of classes. This year will also feature 2 ticket levels - one option will include local pickup of dinner and dessert from Mezze, the other will be trivia only. 
This event is the primary fundraiser for the School, proceeds of which directly benefit student programming.
Zoom beginners are welcome!
  • Those playing as singles and teams of 2 will have the chance to earn Valedictorian status in their own category!
  • Teams of up to 6 must be playing from the same physical location (we need you in one Zoom square). *Please follow all CDC and local guidelines on gathering
  • We'll present an abbreviated program but don't fret... the SATs will still be happening!
  • Please sign up today so that we can tailor the programming around the number of attendees
  • More details to come!
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