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Clubs at BART

BART offers a range of student-driven afterschool clubs each year, funded by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's ASOST program. We aim to provide spaces where students can connect, have fun, and build community around common interests while also building their non-academic skills. Some clubs, like our Multicultural Alliance and QSA (Queer/Straight Alliance), are offered on an ongoing basis, year to year. Additionally, we call for student proposals for clubs twice each year and work with those students to set up and fund their program idea. Each club has an advisor, which might be a faculty or staff member, a BART family member, an alum, or a community member with expertise or energy around the club's focus area.
For more information about our model and current offerings, please contact Kate Merrigan, Director of Student & Community Development, at [email protected].
Afterschool Club Offerings 2021