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BART Presents: Dr. Stephon Alexander

As a part of its Creative Leaders in Residence program, BART is excited to welcome Dr. Stephon Alexander later this month. Dr. Alexander, a professor of physics at Brown University, is a theoretical physicist and jazz musician specializing in cosmology, particle physics, and quantum gravity. During this residency at BART, he will be exploring the interconnections among music, mathematics, and nature with students.
On Thursday, May 18 at 6:30 PM, Dr. Alexander will also deliver a public performance as part of our “BART Presents!” series. His performance is titled, “From Hip Hop to the Cosmos,” and is free and open to the public. Use this form to reserve your seat today
BART's Creative Leaders in Residence program continues to bring to BART exciting figures whose time with our students has lasting effects. “BART Presents!” is an occasional series featuring the Creative Leaders in public performances and exhibitions. In just the last few years, Creative Leaders to BART have given our students opportunity to work with award-winning poets, scientists, activists, and writers.
“An important element of BART’s academic program is inviting leaders in human thought and creative expression to join our students,” states Executive Director Dr. Jay White. “Whether discovering their voice in poetry or seeing how others express themselves in mathematics or spoken art, BART students are affected by their time with the guest Creative Leaders in Residence—and those individuals never fail to remark how their time with our students permanently affects them!”