A message from BART's Executive Director

Dear BART Families,


This has been an incredibly dynamic summer for us working at BART, and now we have arrived at the opening of the new school year! We are eager and excited to welcome your children at BART when we open the doors at 8:00am on Monday, August 23rd.


In advance of our students’ arrival and with the latest information we have received from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), I want to share with you health and wellness information regarding the new school year and from our Health & Wellness Team, our Operations Team, and our faculty and staff. 


Included among COVID-19 Precautions:

  • We require masks, at all times, for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the building. The only exceptions are when children are seated for meals, during School-sanctioned mask breaks, and during outdoor fitness classes. According to federal mandates, children who ride buses must be masked at all times on the buses, and children must be masked at all times in the School Nurse’s Office. 
  • Each member of the BART Community is expected to conduct a Daily Home Screening before entering the building.
  • BART’s custodial service cleans and sanitizes high-touch surfaces throughout the school day and conducts intensive cleanings each morning and evening. 
  • The School has in place an enhanced MERV-13 air filtration system, including three new HVAC units.
  • Hand sanitizer and extra masks are available in all of BART’s classrooms and at its main entry points.
  • Students and employees at BART this year will participate in “Weekly COVID Safety Checks” (formally called “Pooled Testing”).
  • BART has this year adopted a State-supported symptom screening and rapid testing regime. 


The regular weekly COVID Safety Checks (formally called “Pooled Testing”) will resume on August 31. COVID Safety Checks will be conducted on Tuesday mornings. A team from CIC-Health (the same company we used last year and during summer programming) will be at BART each Tuesday. The system is enhanced this year to include two swab tests: with the two, if a positive pool is detected, the lab can conduct individual tests for expedited results. We ask that parents and guardians please complete this short consent form for each student.


BART will continue to follow the dynamic guidance coming from DESE and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We will provide updates as necessary as well as in every “BART Weekly Announcement” email. WE strongly encourage that all members of the BART Community be vaccinated as soon as they are eligible. 


Thank you for your continuing diligence in the face of the pandemic. Should you have questions at any time, please contact Principal Rebecca Gleason (rebecca.gleason@bartcharter.org), Special Education Director Susan Lubell (susan.lubell@bartcharter.org), School Nurse Megan Middlebrook (megan.middlebrook@bartcharter.org), or me (j.white@bartcharter.org).





Jay White

Executive Director