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Field Day Permission Form




I:    BART Charter Public School requires each student to have a Field Trip Permission Form signed by parents or

      guardians before they will be allowed to go on a field trip.

II:   All school rules, and the code of conduct apply while at Field Day.

III:  Administration reserves the ability to deny a student’s participation based on but not limited to excessive absences, recent suspensions, or behavioral infractions.



Class: Entire School

The above classes will be attending a field trip to: Windsor Lake in North Adams

Purpose: To celebrate the ending of the school year

Cost: None Transportation: Buses Provided, Dismissal from Windsor Lake

Additional Notes: See below for transportation information/permission

Please complete this form no later than Monday, June 13


BART All-School Field Day at Windsor Lake in North Adams 

Thursday June 16th 2022

Depart BART @ 8:40am

Afternoon busses departing directly from Windsor Lake @ 3:30pm




- This is a rain or shine event.

- Students may wear a 1 or 2 piece bathing suit (girls) or swim trunks (boys).

- Students are allowed to bring electronics (phones, video games, etc.) with them to use throughout the day.  Students are responsible for these items.

- Students are not expected to be in dress code however they must be dressed appropriately. Clothes that make reference to drugs, alcohol, display violent images, or make gang or sexual references will not be permitted.

- Students should bring a towel if they plan to swim.

- Hats and sunscreen are strongly encouraged. Consider swim shoes for fishing area.

- Lunch will be served. Please pack snacks.

I give the above student permission to attend Field Day on June 16, 2022*
Answer Required

In case of an emergency, I give permission for my child to receive medican treatment. Incase of such an emergency, please contact:

Please ensure all required student medications are delivered to the school nurse in the original packaging prior to the field trip departure. Medication will be administered by the school nurse of her designee. If medication is needed, please sign below. 

End of Day Transportation


- Students will be dismissed for the day directly from Windsor Lake at approximately 3:30pm. They will take their regular bus home. Please know that home arrival times may vary slightly due to the alternate departure location.


- Walkers and Van Riders will be bussed back to BART separately. Students who normally walk home from BART will be bussed back to the school, along with any students who use provided van transportation services. 


- Parent pick-up from Windsor Lake is strongly discouraged. For student safety we request that parents do not pick-up their child from Windsor Lake during end of the day dismissal. Students who must be picked up at the end of the day will ride the provided bus back to BART. Students may be picked up from Windsor Lake during the day for appointments as necessary.


- Students may walk home from Windsor Lake with prior parent permission.

Please indicate how your student will depart from Field Day*
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