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Chromebook Loaner Program

During BART’s extended closure, teachers are continuing their work with our students. Much of that work is occurring online, and BART teachers are exploring ever more effective means of teaching and reaching your children with lessons, readings, and projects that advance their education while also, importantly, keeping them connected to their teachers and classmates. One means by which we may do this is with a temporary loan of a student’s BART Chromebook. 


BART is able to make available a limited number of Chromebooks for students in need, according to the following elements:

  1. If your child does not have access to a computer or laptop at home, we can arrange to have parents or guardians sign out their child’s BART Chromebook. Parents should use the BART Chromebook request form at to let us know they are interested in this option.
  2. We have an online Chromebook loaner agreement that parents or guardians must sign (we will have printed agreements available to sign at Chromebook pickup).
  3. Chromebooks temporarily loaned to students will be cleaned before pickup and will include a power supply. 
  4. Chromebook pick-ups will be by appointment only at BART or a specified location in Pittsfield.
  5. This is a temporary loan to BART students who do not have a computer in their homes. All Chromebooks must be returned when school reopens.
  6. All requests for follow-up tech support for the Chromebooks must be submitted by emailing BART’s
  7. If you do not have internet access in your home and would like to discuss Spectrum's program for providing reduced-cost internet to students, please call BART at 413-743-7311, ext 724.


It is essential to their development that we continue BART’s students’ education by the means available to us. This loan of students’ BART Chromebooks to those who might not have other computer access in their homes is one means.


Should you have questions, please contact BART’s Office of Technology at 413-743-7311, ext. 724.