A Message to the BART Community from our Executive Director

Dear Members of our BART Community,

We at BART share the outrage ripping through America in the wake of the senseless and horrific murder of George Floyd.

It is during times like these that we find ourselves searching for actions to take. Our responsibility, as BART teachers and staff members, is to educate our students and to equip them with the necessary tools to ask questions when situations and environments are unjust and/or inequitable, to lead honorably and sensitively by example, to use their voices, and to effect positive change in the world. 

As an institution comprising a nurturing, diverse, welcoming, and open community of individuals, BART is fundamentally one that vehemently opposes and condemns racism and discrimination. There will be no exceptions to and no variances from this conviction. 

BART, already committed to honoring and celebrating its diversity, further commits to the work of growing an anti-racist learning community. We will continue to transform our school with socially just and anti-racist practices, policies, and behavior through the education of our students and the professional development and continuing education of our teachers and staff members. As an institution committed to lifelong learning as part of our mission, we will continue to strive to understand how we can better honor and celebrate the rich and wonderful diversity of our community and will invite members of our community to help us in that learning.

Just last Saturday, BART graduated its seniors, delivering into the world a collection of bright, thoughtful, talented, and spirited young people—individuals who as adults will ultimately lead, protect, and nurture our richly diverse communities. As they and their families trusted the education BART’s teachers provided, so we will trust their future leadership and their passionate embrace of honor, fairness, and social justice for all. 

As members of the BART community, we each understand the strength of the statement, “We are BART.” Indeed, in the face of any social injustice and racism and heinous acts of either, hope must spring eternal, and being BART is powerful and comforting. We stand by all of our community members, our teachers, and our students of color. We all stand together, today and every day, because we are BART.

With hope and warmth,