100% of families agree teachers at BART teach well

Get BART Smart!

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See you next year!

Get BART Smart 2019 was made possible by the support of our amazing community partners! Our students aspire to great things. BART supports them to reach and achieve by delivering an extraordinary and innovative education. Your support ensures we can provide our students with the experiential tools for personal success.

About Get BART Smart!

Get BART Smart is the School’s annual fundraising event designed to support the college preparatory program at BART. Teams of BART supporters tour the School and compete in a trivia contest throughout the School’s claassrooms to see who will make the grade in “subjects” like the SATs, BARThropology, STEAM, and Arts at BART!

Get BART Smart is also an excellent philanthropic opportunity for businesses and organizations to market throughout the Berkshires and to also support a School committed to changing the lives of its students across the Berkshires!  To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Leah Thompson.