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All students are college material


Epic News: BART is an EPIC School

The Effective Practice Incentive Community, or EPIC, program awards schools that make the greatest gains academically, as measured by state standardized tests. And BART is an award-winning EPIC school this year – one of just 18 charter schools to receive this award out of almost 5,000 charter schools nationally. We are quite proud of this accomplishment.

So what does it mean to be an EPIC school?

One of the things EPIC schools do is contribute to a national knowledge database of proven strategies that work to raise the achievement of all students. We are eager to codify our program so that others can benefit from our experience. How great to have an impact on the broader education sector – beyond the wonderful 270 students in our building!

One of the things teachers in EPIC schools receive is a monetary bonus in recognition for their amazing work to support students, and in return for collaborating in the documentation of our best practices. How amazing to reward those professionals who put so much of their time, effort, and selves into the success of our students!
But perhaps the most amazing thing to me about being an EPIC school is the validation it gives us that hard work pays off. There are no short cuts in life. BART students overcome all sorts of challenges to succeed in school each and every day. Some students have accepted on blind faith that our prescription for their success – a varying mixture of time and effort – would yield good results. Others have questioned our authority a bit more. But those who have chosen to stay at BART should now recognize that we ask them to work hard for a reason: that in doing so, they will be able to compete with – or better yet outperform – their peers nationally.

And that is what makes all BART students college material.

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