College Material

All students are college material


College Material

“College Material” – that is what all students are capable of becoming, and that is what we provide at BART – the materials to succeed in college. For all of our students to be prepared for the 21st century so that they can participate and succeed in our local, national and global economies, they have to first be prepared to succeed in college.

One BART alumna wrote to me recently, “I have had to do a presentation in EVERY class that I have had in my three years in college, and I know I wouldn’t have been as confident as I have been if we didn’t do portfolio presentations and Model UN Conferences at BART. I also think that going to BART gave me a perspective that many kids don’t have, so when doing projects or papers I have a unique view on the subject matter.”

Another recent graduate wrote, “I think [BART] was the key component in getting me into Hampshire College. Our senior year gives us a strong basic knowledge of what college classes and internships/work studies are like. The extra help we get on our applications and the encouragement we receive when it comes to applying for colleges is a huge help as well.”

In fact, these two graduates wrote of the experience we aim to provide to all of our graduates – one that includes the materials, academic program and professional guidance for all students to enter and succeed in college.

This blog is intended to explore our vision – and our track record of success achieving this vision – from various perspectives (educator, student, alumni, family).  We hope to generate thoughtful comments and conversation that help us improve our program and make college preparedness a reality for all students in our community.

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